Multiple Effect Plate Evaporation Device

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Multiple Effect Plate Evaporation Device

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. Plate Evaporation Device
The evaporation device evaporate the water of the solution to concentration.
We have a variety of evaporation devices which with elevating mode and falling mode. The working principles are: The materials pass through via the plates and evaporated as heated by steam. The vapor-liquid mixture shall be then discharged via the outlet, and gets into the separator; The vapor and liquid shall then be separated in the separator to obtain condensed materials and secondary steam. In a multiple effect evaporator, the condensed materials and secondary steam shall then get into the next evaporator to be evaporated again. The core element is heat transfer plates; The effective heat exchange area is of 0.4, 0.65, 0.85M; Four plates of different structures shall be a suite, which boasts the merits of elegant and compact structure, high heat transfer efficiency(the total heat transfer coefficient is 2-4 times of the tube evaporator), convenient to dismantle and clean, and small amount of liquid holdup. Hold the materials at a high temperature for short time, which can avoid the discoloration and off taste of heat-sensitive material during the evaporation. A unit of plate evaporator can consist of several or dozens of suites in a accordance with the process requirement.

Power consumption of plate evaporation device
The running cost of evaporation device would depend mainly on the energy consumption.
The energy in and out the system must be balanced under stable operating condition. Therefore it is realizable to make the energy consumption meet the specific demand of different users via intelligent thermal configuration to the evaporation device.
Generally, the following three basic technologies are adopted for the purpose of energy saving:
1. Multiple effect evaporation
2. Thermal steam recompression
3. Mechanical steam recompression
The independent adoption of one of the above technologies shall greatly reduce power consumption. To minimize the investment and running cost, it is usually to use two of the above technologies at the same time.
The application of plate evaporator device:
Starch, Sugar alcohol, Fruit juice beverage, Industrial waste water's evaporation industries.

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