Block Type Cip Cleaning Series

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Block Type Cip Cleaning Series

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Currently, CIP home position's cleaning system has already been more extensively applied than the mechanization degree of beverage, milk article, juice, wet goods etc. Higher food production business enterprise in.
CIP cleans(Cleaning In Place) an equipments(bottle body. Piping. Pump etc. )and the whole production line while needing not a premise of artificial tear open or open, at shut to match of carry on circulation to clean in the back track. Disinfect. The home position cleans brief name CIP, and then calls to reign to clean or automatically cleans. The home position cleans to mean need not tear open or move device, then adopt a washing heat, high density clearly of liquid, take into a strong dint function to the equipments device, the method for washing the contact noodles of the food clearly with.
CIP can promise to definitely clean effect and raise the safety of product; The economy operates time and lift high-efficiency; Economize labor force, guarantee an operation safety; Economize energies, such as water and steam...etc., reduce a rinse dosage; Producing the equipments can carry out large turn, automate level of Gao; The extension produces the service life of equipments.

The CIP home position cleans the characteristics of system:
1. CIP cleans the economic movement of system to contain low cost, structure tightly packed, cover area small. Install. Support convenience, can availably carry on to the urn production equipmentses, such as bottle container and piping...etc. To right on the spot clean, it the whole production equipments that clean process all in the closeness, urn bottle container and circulate in the piping, thus and consumedly reduced two pollution opportunities.
2. That system can according to the production need to be been divided into all the way to four roads. Dragon it is two roads and more than two roads, since can divide area to clean the same or two above districts in the meantime, also the ability is in the production line side production the side clean. This consumedly shortenned time that CIP cleans while producing.
3. Adopt American home spirit to move a diaphragm pump to take out to absorb thick sour thick alkali, not only raised the intact rate of equipments and lowered a maintaining of equipments rate, more more fundamental lowered to circulate cost.
4. Circulatory system outside the body, canning effectively reduce can consume.
5. Backwater system can effectively reduce CIP to use water.
6. Lie quality hot water system.
7. It is particularly full-automatic CIP, can carry on an automatic examination towards cleaning a liquid. Add a liquid. Exhaust. Show and adjust, as to it's circulate credibility, automate degree Gao, operate in brief, clean effective, as a result match modern and large-scale fluid drugs more. Hygiene request and production environment of food processing craft request.
8, stable of the CIP home position clean, the adoption man-machine interface portrait shows.
9, automatically cut over each craft parameter, automatically regulate to clean parameters, such as time, pH and temperature...etc...
10, can choose moving a controling or automatically control two kinds of operation ways.
11, all operations all can record, easy to GMP attestation.
12, CIP clean system to have a single bottle the double bottle and many bottles be provided for customer to choose and there are ambulation type and fixed type.
CIP reigns to clean the system main application:
The food profession, beverage profession and day turns profession, medicine profession

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